Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm, Sweden

Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm, Sweden

A restaurant in a time capsule

PRICE: $$$ (SEK 500-700)   |   SERVICE: Good   |   RATING: ★★ (Good)

Arguably the oldest operating restaurant in the world, a trip to Stockholm is not complete without a pit-stop at Den Gyldene Freden. Located in the Old town of Stockholm, Sweden. The restaurant has been operating at the same location since 1722 and while Freden makes numerous tourism guidebooks because of its age, its food is not to be overlooked. Serving up delicious Nordic delicacies from Sweden’s yester-years.

The restaurant

Nestled in an 18th century structure which burrows deep into the underground, Freden features very traditional old town architecture, and caverns which extend deep beneath the superstructure give the space austere vibes as if visiting some catacombs. The dining hall is elegant with wooden fixtures and furniture which can only be described as a blast from the past.

The food

When you see both lutfisk, jelly like aged stockfish, and fried herring on the menu you know that the food is going to be very traditionally Nodic. The Lutfisk was served with a thick ladle of bechamel sauce and lardon of bacon, very traditional and somewhat of an acquired taste.

While Freden finds its culinary feet, deeply rooted in tradition, it does deviate a little away to touch on more modern classics. During our lunch, the special was a classic bouillabaisse, while not generally swedish, their rendition was very aromatic, using some of the local herbs and fresh seafood from the surrounding areas. 

Regardless of your taste preference, you will likely find something suitable for you at Den Gyldene Freden.

The experience

Like a time capsule, the food and surroundings in Den Gyldene Freden will transport you to the olden days. A time when things were slower and people appreciated the finer things in life; good food, amazing wine and taking the time to watch the world go by. 

It is reasonable to assume that not everyone will enjoy such a dining experience, but for a taste of history and, perhaps, some bragging rights, it is well worth the experience and definitely one of our top must-do destinations when in Stockholm.


Den Gyldene Freden

Österlånggatan 51,
111 31 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 8 24 97 60


Busy during lunch, quaint at night


Recommended for dinner service

$$$ - Reasonable
(Expect 200-300SEK per person)

The daily lunch specials are of spectacular value, so order one off the alacarte menu and one daily special. You won't regret it.

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