Duck de Chine 全鸭季, Beijing, China

RATING: ★★★☆ - VERY GOOD   |   PRICE: $$$ - Expensive

Situated in Salitun, the expat district of Beijing, within a fancy hidden city for modern restaurants and boasting chic new-age oriental interiors which rival that of the world’s best restaurants. Duck Di Chine has all the elements of a restaurant specifically designed to be a tourist trap or to lure in unsuspecting foreigners. But, in reality, Duck Di Chine falls very far from that negative misnomer. 

Duck Di Chine is one of the best places for Peking duck in Beijing and our top recommendation for this delicacy if you are short on time. The duck here is crispy, aromatic and oily without that cloying mouth-feel, coupled with the incredible service, a luxurious setting and a very reasonable price point. Duck Di Chine is definitely a winner! 

Duck Di Chine scores near perfect marks in every category for a restaurant; a well-priced menu, gorgeous interiors and impeccable cuisine.  A true hidden gem in a hidden city.


Duck de Chine 全鸭季
Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100027

PRICE: $$$ - Expensive    |    RATING: ★★★☆ - Very Good

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