Odette, Singapore

RATING: ★★★★ - Outstanding   |   PRICE: $$$$ - Very Expensive

Perhaps the most glamorous opening of 2016, Odette challenges fine dining norms in Singapore by ignoring social media trends and focusing on authenticity instead of localization. In place of awful hipsterness, Odette showcases its determination to please every diner with each course served and succeeds in a style unparalleled to any other establishment on the island. 

Show stopping courses like nitrogen eggs might inspire even the most hardened anti-selfie diner to grow weak at the fingers. And as the 3-hour meal progresses and the MI band welding service crew elegantly glides about the dining hall serving course after course of deliciousness; one can only hope to prolong the Odette experience just a little longer…  perhaps by ordering a third round of after dinner aperitifs. 

1 Saint Andrew's Road, #01-04, National Gallery, 178957

RATING: ★★★★ - Outstanding   |   PRICE: $$$$ - Very Expensive 

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