Ye Shanghai 夜上海 , Shanghai, China

RATING: ★★★★ - Outstanding   |   PRICE: $$$$ - Very Expensive

Ye Shanghai 夜上海 might come across as a tourist trap, located in the heart of Xin Tian Di 新天地 it is packed each day with tons of tourist paying top dollar for what they assume is authentic fine Shanghainese cuisine. But with so many accolades from magazines and a Michelin star at its sister restaurant in Hong Kong, Ye Shanghai is in reality a well-positioned and well-priced Shanghainese restaurant serving up innovative interpretations of traditional dishes with in a luxurious East-Meets-West setting.

The Restaurant – east meets west perfected

Taking cues from the modern and trendy design ascetic around Xin Tian Di, Ye Shanghai blends modern interiors with traditional Chinese sensibilities. The traditional Shanghainese structure is preserved and its interiors have been lavishly furnished in charming old Shanghai style; think Asian Parisian design meets imperial Bejing.

Western table settings sit next to traditional Chinese chopsticks and crystal wine glasses can be found next to Chinese tea cups on the perfectly pressed linen table cloths atop each of the dining tables. The booth seating and communal tables both boast striking lighting features which provide just enough illumination to the table; the bounced soft-lighting ensuring that no guest or dishes at the table is in complete darkness, this makes for excellent selfies, if that’s your kind of thing.

The food – Innovating Traditional Dishes

There is a misconception among most locals that, if you wish to have a true Shanghainese meal, Ye Shanghai might not be the best place for dinner. However, with a focus on quality modern Shanghainese cuisine, Ye Shanghai has been winning the hearts and the loyalty of many locals, and some have even gone as far as to call it a forgotten hidden gem.

As one would expect of modern Shanghainese, traditional dishes have a subtle design and plating changes which allow for a more western style of dining; communal dining is still an option however, the restaurant has redesigned many of the menu items for one, allowing for an elegant dining sequence to the meal.

Beautiful Hairy Crabs are brought in from the famous Yang Cheng Lake 

If you are going during hairy crab season (sept – oct), we highly recommend the seasonal tasting menu. Ye Shanghai’s rendition of the famous hairy crab multi-course menu is not only well balanced with each course surpassing the next but it is also priced well below some of the more outrages eateries out there serving inferior quality crabs.

The service – Casually Chinese

Unfortunately, like many restaurants in Shanghai, service is mediocre at best by fine dining standards. While not nearly as bad as your corner soup-dumpling restaurant, Ye Shanghai has a long way to go before service can be considered on-par with many high-end restaurants in Shanghai. 

We would conclude that service is rather casual, attracting the attention of your server is not difficult, but may take a little more arm raising than a session at the gym. So don’t expect your water to be refilled frequently and your empty dishes will pile up on your table due to the lack of attentive service or the understaffed nature of the place.

The Ye Shanghai Experience

Ye Shanghai is one of those restaurants which straddles the border of Eastern and Western cuisines, while its roots are firmly grounded in traditional Shanghainese cuisine, the restaurant can function equally well as a mid-tier fine dining establishment. Whether you consider yourself a true local or are just a visiting tourist, the food at Ye Shanghai won’t disappoint and some dishes might even surprise you.

Ye Shanghai
China, Shanghai, Huangpu, Huangpi S Rd, 338号新天地广场北里6号楼

RATING: ★★★★ - Outstanding   |   PRICE: $$$$ - Very Expensive

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