Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, Singapore


Simple, wholesome and robust Chettinad cuisine is easily accessible at Anjappar. A franchise from india, their flagship race course road restaurant is at the heart of the little India food scene and faces off with well-established northern and southern Indian restaurants. And when restaurants are neck deep in completion you know that the foods going to be good or at the very least decently authentic.  

The chicken and mutton dum biryani dishes were served with cute, if not a little undersized, portions of raita and chicken curry. The basmati rice was aromatic but not typically fluffy and the whole chicken leg was tender and moist but subjectively under seasoned. Where Anjappar really shines is in their masala dishes and naans where and it is not uncommon for them to be completely sold out before the end of the night. Definitely worth a visit if the munchies for authentic Indian cuisine hits.

Anjappar chettinad restaurant
78 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218576


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