Caprice @ The Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong


Even without aesthetic appellations, an experience at Caprice is sheer culinary bliss and an injection of subtle decency for understated pleasures needed to escape the madness down below in the streets of Hong Kong.

So we encourage you to ignore the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling all-glass wine cellar, the picture-perfect open kitchens, the panoramic views of Hong Kong Bay, and the meticulously decorated classically modern dining room. But you probably won’t...

Three lunch tasting menus arrived on schedule and paced with precision. 

As I assumed incorrectly the lamb was not cooked Sous-vide but rather pan-roasted in a traditional manner, I was impressed at the silky textures despite the lack of precise temperature control. The accompanying moussaka was delightful but oddly reminiscent of a home-cooked lasagna; was it good? It was delicious!

The foie gras torchon with accompanying white bean espuma was a classical pairing of traditional flavors. A good direction towards simplicity which was once again perfectly executed.

Our favorite dish to our surprise was a simple dessert; the sorbet of wild cherries atop buttery crumble had a robust sour cherry flavours that balanced well with the nutty textures of the crumble.

Mignardises of chocolates, macaroons, and lemon-drop marshmallows were a little too decadent to end our lunch course, but just like the rest of the meal, each petit-four was exquisitely crafted.

Perhaps haute French cuisine is no longer in-vogue in Hong Kong and the stars are being dished out (at an alarming rate) to the more trendy and seemingly traditional restaurants.

But if one thing Hong Kong has taught me is that the stars in this city rarely determine the quality of a restaurant but rather serves only as an outsider's guide to navigate the myriad of confusion which is the Hong Kong dining scene. 

8 Finance St, Four Seasons Hotel,
Hong Kong


Elegant contemporary with modern Victorian accents


At least 1 week in advance

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