Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Singapore

In the Airport with all the trimmings & a pool with a view!


Off all airport hotels around the world, few can boast a large sprawling compound with full-fledged amenities; A resort style pool, fantastic bathroom amenities, and a wonderful club lounge are just some of the wonderful elements which make Crowne Plaza Changi Airport one of the best airport hotels in the world.



Designed with a unique grid patterned structure, the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport adopts a resort themed architecture while maintaining atypical boxy airport hotel style. This renders very distinct nooks which are wonderful selfie opportunities and alcoves perfect for quiet meditation.

Facing the famous control tower at Changi’s terminal one, one can lose track of time while relaxing in the resort style pool; getting one’s tan on while watching fighter jets fly by every 20 minutes. Needless to say, the pool was one of Crowne plazas best features and perhaps one of the best amongst airport hotels worldwide.

With 3 Jacuzzis, towering palm trees and amazing panoramic views of the runways… nuff said. It’s a wonderful pool.


Getting a large hotel room with matching compartmentalized bathroom amenities in Singapore is rather difficult. Sometimes it’s downright impossible if you are on a tight budget. It might be an overstatement to say that Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has huge rooms, but considering its reasonable pricing (by Singapore standards), the room was well sized with all the trimmings included.

Ask for a pool view room or a room facing the terminal, either way you will have a rather special view.

And don’t worry about the noise from airplanes those doors and windows must have been triple insulated. We didn’t hear any aviation noises at all.

DINING & Airport convenience

The restaurants and breakfast provided rather standard fare, with a buffet serving up the typical egg and sausage dishes and with a few South East Asian rice and noodle carbohydrate stations. A rather basic breakfast, but good enough to lure jet-jagged travers out of bed to the buffet lines.

An ice cold Tiger beer at the bar is always a good idea when in Singapore and Crowne Plaza’s bar served up some of the coldest in town; perhaps made especially refreshing after 18 hours of non-stop flying with a 9 hour delay in between, whatever it may be… the pint at the bar hit all the right spots!


Whether you are looking for a nice transit hotel or a relaxing stay-cation a in a home away from home, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport fits the bill for a budget which will not max out your credit cards. 

It may not be the most luxurious hotel out there, but it’s intentions are honest; a well-designed hotel, with great rooms, good views and a spectacular pool. 

Now have some fun and take a plunge

4-star hotel / Transit hotel

Discreet and attentive to special occasions 

Average with many restaurants nearby

$$ (reasonable)

The ability to explore the famous Changi Airport without rushing for another flight.

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