Glory Catering Pte Ltd, Singapore


If you want to experience true Singaporean Peranakan cuisine, which is to say an amalgamation of indigenous Malay and Chinese heritages, you might want to put Glory on your bucket list for your no-frills (we mean it) Peranakan experience. That is to say if you don’t mind smelling like a spice mill for the rest of the day (more on that later).

Glory is locally renowned for their line of cookies and snacks found at supermarkets across the island, but their outlet in Katong features a full kitchen which doubles up as a restaurant for quick-service style dining. Choose your meats, curries, or vegetables and get it over a plate of rice or opt for family-style dining. The dining experience could not be more simple and rustic.

The curry and vegetable dishes found at Glory are unique to this region of the world, although heavily spiced, don’t expect scorching chilies in every dish but rather soothing coconut milk flavors which pick up the nuances from each of the spice combinations. In particular, the chicken in a herb-based green curry was tremendously tender and the curry flavors permeated throughout the flesh.

The food may score decent marks but be prepared to get your meal to-go because the poor service is only compounded by the morbid interiors and severe lack of ventilation. Smells from the buttery baked goods mixed with the aromas of hearty spices and musty gunk filled air-conditioning fan coils will linger on your body hours and hours after a meal at Glory… so consider yourself warned. 

Glory Catering Pte Ltd
139 E Coast Rd, 428829


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