Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong, Singapore

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong, Singapore

Moden Peranakan in the heart of Katong


Staying in Katong, Singapore is a little bit of a novelty, it's far from the city center and major attractions and the town has a laid back vibe like being thrown back into the 70s. Yet that is the lure which makes hundreds of Singaporeans yearn for staycations in this sleepy hollow of a town. 

Hotel Indigo in Katong was probably designed to cater to just that crowd: more style than substance, the hotel, unfortunately, pales in comparison with their regional Indigo counterparts but still manages to wow the locals with its whimsical Peranakan themes and gimmicky frills like free novelty sweets and traditional wooden clogs in place of bathroom slippers. Perhaps they have never stayed at an Indigo before because the brand has so much more to offer than what’s at Katong.


Like many IHG Indigo hotels, the property is designed based on the surrounding neighborhood and in this case it is Peranakan, a unique mix of Chinese and Malay heritages which results in distinctive interiors with ornate tiles, floorings, and fabric patterns. Indigo Katong has managed to maintain modern amenities while scattering accents of Peranakan features throughout the property. Lovely. 

The hotel has a single restaurant and a rooftop pool. Both of which are acceptable, if not, a little lacking in the details; the pool has no steam room or sauna and the breakfast is packed with local residences dining-in for brunch leaving little room for hotel guests to have breakfast without waiting in line for up to  half-an-hour; service is also lacking with minor hiccups through the entire service experience.


Guestrooms are compact and follow the same theme which can be found throughout the hotel, eclectic and traditional elements all merged together. The open concept bathroom had beautiful floor to ceiling tiles and gorgeous panoramic town views. Quaint and cozy for sure.


The service inconsistencies and lack of typical Indigo facilities leave a lot to be desired from this property and the experiences felt more like a Holiday Inn without a club lounge than an Indigo. That said, it is still your best bet if you want to take a trip to explore the eastern sector of Singapore and have yourself a modern Peranakan experience. 

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong
86 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428788‎



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