Itamae Yakiniku Itto 板前焼肉 一斗 東心斎橋店 本館, Osaka, Japan

Itamae Yakiniku Itto 板前焼肉 一斗 東心斎橋店 本館, Osaka, Japan


When in Osaka it would be unwise to follow guidebooks for food recommendations, the food scene here is so vibrant that you’d be better off using your senses as your guide; following your eyes and nose to scope out the best food in town and when you see a shop house with a frontage made entirely of a window of wagyu spewing grilled meat aromas from every crevice, you know you’ve arrived… and the name is Itamae Yakiniku Itto.

A specialist in grilled meats, the wagyu served at Itame Yakiniku Itto is categorized first by cut and then by the grade of beef. Generally, there are two grades, regular and premium with premium being the highest A5 grade of wagyu beef (from various prefectures). The individual portions are surprisingly affordable and have made the restaurant exceedingly popular in the evenings with tons of suited up salary men spewing through the doors after 7pm. So, we’d recommend an early dinner if you want to get a seat.

The meats arrive to your table, lightly marinated, seasoned and finely scored to ensure consistent cooking. Just a couple of minutes on the grill and you’re done. Be sure not to make the amateur mistake of grilling too many pieces at one go, which will no doubt overcook most of the pieces.

If you are unfamiliar with Japanese beef cuts, just follow our lead and order up beef tongue (Gyutan 牛タン), Boneless short rib (Karubiカルビ ), Rib Roast (リブロース), Chuck (Zabuton ザブトン), Skirt (Harami ハラミ). With a bowl or rice and a small bottle of unfiltered sake (Nigori (濁り酒) this should quiet comfortably feed two persons. If you came in famished, then do try the liver (レバー) as well you won’t regret it's rich umami flavors.

Itamae Yakiniku Itto’s well-priced cuts of wagyu and high turnover to ensure the freshest meats make it one of our top choices in Osaka for a casual wagyu experience.

Itamae Yakiniku Itto 板前焼肉 一斗 東心斎橋店 本館


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