Kagurazaka Sushi Academy, Tokyo, Japan


Kagurazaka Sushi Academy keeps its prices low by offering relatively premium fish and seafood prepared by student chefs. This may, at first, seem like a great idea; how different can student prepared sushi be? Unfortunately, the low prices come at the compromise of pretty much everything else.  

Portions of sliced fish were uneven and our orders were constantly being forgotten. We had to prompt them four times before our hand-rolls arrived and the service seemed lackadaisical and forced. It was only later that we realized that the service crew were also students. Chances are that one would spend more time waiting and in rebuttal about erroneous orders than eating when they dine at the sushi academy. 

Sushi buffets get a bad reputation in Japan and it's evident where this problem stems from. While we wanted to love this concept, you might be better off dining at a conveyor belt restaurant or a standing sushi bar than at the Kagurazaka Sushi Academy.

Kagurazaka Sushi Academy
Japan, 〒162-0825 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 神楽坂3丁目6-3


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