Mellower Coffee, Singapore

RATING: ★★☆☆ – GOOD   |   PRICE: $$ - MODERATE

As a franchise from Shanghai, Mellower Coffee’s entrance into Singapore is typical of many of the higher-end food concepts which enter Singapore shores; committed to a quality product, in sometimes overbearing extravagant Chinese-styled opulence, the coffee at Mellower is generally lightly over roasted and some beverages may seem a little gimmicky. But if we look though the gimmicks and poor service of Mellower, the coffee is very decent, despite being slightly burnt, and the ambiance is conducive. A much-welcomed addition to the chain coffee scene which has been dominated by Starbucks and Coffee Bean for the last two decades.

The cold brew coffee must be one of the best and strongest in the country, with deep ember flavors without much acidity at all. White coffees are safe but do avoid the improvised and overpriced specialty drinks.

Mellower Coffee Singapore
108 Middle Road, The Prospex #01-01


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