Restaurace Mlýnec, Prague, Czech Republic

Restaurace Mlýnec, Prague, Czech Republic


Nestled overlooking the Charles Bridge, Restaurant Mlynec is one of the best restaurants to enjoy a sophisticated meal and avoid the hordes of photo-snapping tourist on the bridge. 

The restaurant has a simple well-designed bohemian theme with ornate light fixtures and very exquisite dark-themed wallpapers, you know that you are in for something special when you walk through the front doors.

The tasting menus consist of 6-7 courses and were well executed. Appetizers seemed to stand out a lot more than the main courses. The deep-sea scallops with green apple puree was exceptionally good with a refreshing yet crisp and well-balanced finish on the palate.

Mlynec only had one beer on the menu, Pilsner Urquell, which while very delicious, is also extremely common and found in practically every restaurant and local convenience store. The lack of a wide selection of beers and ales made the beverage experience just a tad underwhelming… just a tad because they do have a rather well stocked bar and wine list.

Stick with the wines they have selections from many great local and regional wineries.

The restaurant’s signature dish was a modern interpretation of the classic schnitzel; the use of veal jus accentuated the flavour of the perfectly deep fried schnitzel and was very tasty indeed. However, its presentation did fall short compared to the beautifully crafted appetizer and amuse courses which oozed creativity and used modern plating techniques.

Mlynec is a very sophisticated restaurant, catering to business persons and elegant group dinners. The restaurant is well suited to handle almost any occasion… This is evident in its clientele, as you’d likely be dining with couples on romantic date nights or the occasional business dinner party.

Spotting a competent kitchen and chefs with high standards for food and exceptional service, Restaurant Mlynec is definitely one of Prague’s best places to wine and dine overlooking Charles Bridge.

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